I can’t remember the password to get in here, but…mi found I had saved a link to this page!  I am fearful of getting forgetful!

I watched a documentary on Glen Campbell the other night, on CNN.  It was heartbreaking!  Scary.  sad



Time just gets away from me. Hubby is going better, his eye is healing well. It was a rough patch, but thank God, he is slowly healing!

I am deciding whether to use blogger, wordpress, or both. It kind of is a pain to have both running, but I do like parts of both. It is seeming to me that blogger is better. I will have to do some deciding soon.

It has been raining steadily for 2 days, and it finally stopped late this afternoon. We do need the rain though, so I really shouldn’t complain!


How we take everything for granted! Things change instantly. We truly don’t appreciate what we have!

Monday hubby was out weed wacking. Of course, he refuses to wear safety goggles. He chops wood, into kindling for our fire pit..won’t wear goggles. Trims and cuts down trees, again, refuses. His answer… What will happen?

Monday, he found out. A rock flew up from the weed wacker..hit him straight in the eye! I called our eye Dr. Who took us immediately. He called to an eye specialist, number one in our area, because he said this was beyond his skills! His exact words. My heart dropped. Inside his eye was bleeding, his colored part of the eye turned slightly oval because of the impact. The cornea is badly scratched. The specialist said the back of the eye looks good, no tears.

We are going back today to our Dr, who will look at everything for the specialist, and Friday we go back to speciation and take it from there. He also put a bandage lens on his cornea.

All because of stubbornness.

Thursday Meme

Thought I would play along this morning. Saw Toni had these up and they are cute!

Unconscious Mutterings

1.Closed :: For repairs
2.Tourists :: In sunglasses
3.Footsteps :: At my door
4.Ginger :: Snaps
5.Way :: Out man!
6.Designer :: Clothes, not for me
7.Mattress :: Comfy
8.Disaster :: Planning
9.Chips :: Fall where they may
10.Campaign :: headquarters


It’s Friday!

I was thinking this morning how much I looked forward to Friday when I was working. I had the weekends off, and it was how I got myself thru the work week. I played games… Just one more day! lol

Well, now that I am retired, I am enjoying every day like it was Friday! I feel so blessed. Peaceful.

It looks like a nice day shaping up again! We got some rain the day before, so everything has perked up. The garden is looking beautiful. If I could just stop the rabbits from eating our flowers!

Back… Met my friend for breakfast. We had a great time, catching up. Since I posted this morning, the skies are clouding up, and it got a bit cooler.

My husband is helping his friend next door with his house remodeling, so I did a bit a weeding when I got back, and just steam mopped the kitchen and dining room. I think I will also do both bathrooms, once my son is finished getting ready for work. Is way, I can enjoy Saturday and Sunday.

Long Time

I hadn’t realized how long it has been since I posted.

It is raining heavily today, and will all day. Once the weather is nice, I am outside most of the time. Hubs and I are planting flowers, clearing weeds, you know the routine. But today… bad rain, thunderstorms, and flooding. Thank goodness our home sits high in the town we are in. Anyway, today is a good day to play catch up. In the house, and on here. I also wanted to try to go thru files here on my laptop, but that will be later.

I flew to my son Chris’s for 12 days, with son Mike and his girl Kristin. We had such a wonderful time. My granddaughter Sofia turned 3 while we were there, and it was such a blessed, special time! I am so grateful!

I really am enjoying my retirement. I never thought it would be like this! So happy to spend time home, with my husband, my sons, just enjoying my life. Everyday things seem so special. Again, I am blessed.

Does anyone watch Dancing With the Stars? I am hoping Max and Merle win, they are so great together! Every year I say I am not going to watch, but since Max came back, it changed my mind. It always seemed to be so set up, for certain people to be voted off, for certain people to win. I still think that way, we shall see what happens.

Gosh, my thoughts are all over the place today! Scattered, like the rain!

My Aunt Bev, cousin Teresa, and Teresa’s daughter Haley, came down to our family restaurant, Coney Island in Scranton, the Monday after Mothers Day. That is what my Aunt Bev wanted, to eat a Texas Wiener! LOL And so hubs and I went down to have lunch with them. Aunt Bev is my Mom’s sister. It was so great to talk to all of them, I want to make trips to visit with them. So much time has passed, and we just get used to not seeing one another, and family is so important.

Well, I should get some work done in the house. I like to break up my time. Since I am retired, the house is nothing to keep clean now… half hour to 45 minutes each day, and all is done! Love it!! I do need to catch up from the time I went to visit Chris. I do want to spend extra time to try and get our office organized. Hubs has it pretty messy. My laptop is in here, and my little corner is neat, but his side is a mess!

Happy Friday!!

Flea Market

We went to our first flea market of the season. We were very disappointed! It was some group who sponsored it, the prices were so high, the items were dirty and just tossed together and piled like junk! I was so surprised that they would present like that! The lady who unlocked the door was so obnoxious! It was supposed to open at 9, and it was 9:10 already, and the first gentleman I. Line knocked at the door. After about 5 minutes, she opened the door, complaining about people who are impatient, several people made comments to her, and she basically said to shut up! Hubs and I couldn’t believe how she was acting.

That was our first few minutes of the day. That over with, the rest of the day was wonderful. Hubs went golfing with his friend at 9:30, he got back at noon. While he was gone, I did a load of laundry, dusted, and then cleaned up the kitchen. I wanted to use my Hobby Lobby coupon for yarn, but I ended up taking a nap! Can you believe it! It felt so good!

Hubs came back, we ate lunch then worked together in our back yard for a few hours till it started raining. Boy did it come down. I can see grass greening up, and it was 62 degrees, so it just felt good!

We had a quick dinner out…pizza…then pick up meds, went for new sneakers for him, and a new pair of cushy flip flops for me! I love them, and it still makes me feel like I am barefoot. Once the weather gets warm, I hate wearing socks, and I am one who hate cold feet, so you know it has to be warm for me to go with my flip flops!

So we are home…hubs is taking his power nap. He was talking to me, and suddenly got quiet. I looked over and he was out like a baby!

Happy weekend!